Persuasive Essay Topics

White Rice is Better than Potatoes

Why Apple Computers are Better than PCs

Why You Should Quit Smoking

Drink Soy Milk

Don't take Vitamins, Eat Natural foods

Why You Should Quit Drinking

Why Cable Internet is better than DSL

Why Laser Printers are better than Inkjets

Pythons Make the Best Pet!

You Need a Cell Phone!

Persuade your friend to...

Progressive Taxation is the Best System

Alcohol Should be Legal for People of All Ages

Gambling is an addiction

Everyone should become a vegetarian.

Smoking Should be Illegal

Adopt a pet


School uniforms are Necessary in School.

There Should be No TV in Kids' Bderooms.

Our Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

School Uniforms are Necessary in School

You Should Wear a Seat Belt

Tap water - As good as bottled water

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